We Use One-person-one account (OPOA) system, thus openning up more than one accounts by the same person, will lead to automatic ban for both accounts
Advertising in any way, on this platform is not accepted
we have shared our contact so that you can get help when needed, please never use this contact for issues outside this service
Calling us at 5:00pm any day, your call will not be received, the only period in which we can receive your call is 8:20am-4:30pm from mon-sat
Once we connect you to offline job, we are not responsible for any outcome, the rest is left in-between you and employer
Once you submit wrong Task completion Code 10 times, you will be considered cheater and your account will be baned immediately without notice.
when you do not login into your account for 25 days, it will be put into sleeping mode, however you can re-activate it any time you login again
for security purpose, you should secure your PIN, which when gets lost, you have to call Us for PIN reset, there is no other method of reseting PIN except calling Us on 0701363966
we are responsible for the security of your account, but do not share your account details, this may lead issues to go beyond boundaries of our custody
I have read and accept terms and conitions